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Old Equipment!04/23/2014 
Should I really trust this old scuba equipment? 
        54 pics
New Job!04/16/2014 
On my probation day for a new job! 
        150 pics
1 video 9' 08''
Rome is beautiful - at any time of the year! 
        113 pics
1 video 1' 40''
Time Off!04/02/2014 
I loved the time at the Fetish Evolution! Especially my time off! 
        116 pics
And then I had enough of our little tickling games! Time for someone to put a mask on and get that ass spanked! That was fun! 
        82 pics
1 video 9' 27''
Fetish Evolution!03/19/2014 
Last year in Essen after an exhausting night! 
        76 pics
1 video 2' 04''
Let's see what kind of effects the tickling torture is going to have on my cheeky girl friend here... 
          76 pics
1 video 4' 27''
Hot Ass!03/05/2014 
Here come some pictures with my sweet friend Mary, who has the best ass ever! 
          92 pics
I always wanted to test my blow up suit in water! 
          177 pics
1 video 2' 27''
I'm never ever going to get soaked again with my rain skin from www.kemo-cyberfashion.de 
          152 pics
And this is how my slave got a taste of what was going to come for 2014, right in the early morning of the 1st of January! 
          173 pics
1 video 16' 16''
The Runs in my Stockings02/05/2014 
It's winter, so wrap yourself well! 
          85 pics
Red Riding Hood01/29/2014 
This was supposed to be some sort of Red Riding Hood story, but the “wolf” turned out to be such a pathetic lap dog! 
        111 pics
Here comes something for all my leotard fans! 
          59 pics
Let's have some fun! 
        129 pics
1 video 2' 30''
Falanga Rubber01/08/2014 
Cool outfits from Falanga Rubber! 
        85 pics
Sun Bathing!01/01/2014 
I'm barely laying down in the sun when it disappears again! 
        96 pics
1 video 3' 25''
A Happy New Year!01/01/2014 
I wish all visitors of my homepage and all my friends

A Happy New Year! - Your Trixie
Normally it would be too cold to run around in latex this time of the year!
But I did it for you - for Christmas!
        103 pics
Merry Christmas Everybody!12/25/2013 
I wish all visitors of my homepage and all my friends

A Merry Christmas! - Your Trixie
Wet Jeans!12/18/2013 
...and now let's have another swim! 
          97 pics
1 video 2' 18''
Sometimes I'd just like to kiss her and then the next moment I'd rather kill her! 
        104 pics
Open-Air Pool12/04/2013 
You should have seen how people stared at me as I went for a swim in this outfit. So I had to take these pictures somewhere else!  
        64 pics
All in plastic! 
        55 pics
1 video 2' 46''
Guess where this pics were taken! 
        104 pics
The brat has her paws all over me! She's almost too curious, this little one! 
      63 pics
1 video 1' 23''
I've experienced incredible things there! 
          146 pics
No Problem!10/30/2013 
Let's see who is gonna win! This shall be no problem with such an unexperienced opponent! 
        117 pics
1 video 2' 30''
You should try wearing protectors back to front and see for yourself how hot it looks! 
        108 pics
...and every now and then I can even paint a fountain red! 
          135 pics
1 video 2' 12''
Street Pics10/09/2013 
In the middle of the street on some staggering high platforms! 
        84 pics
I'm paying a visit again! 
        88 pics
At Last!09/25/2013 
Here I got a pretty nice catsuit, at last! And obviously, it's from Fantastic Rubber! 
        42 pics
Friday Noon!09/18/2013 
Friday noon after a hearty breakfast! 
          63 pics
1 video 1' 46''
Foam Mess!09/11/2013 
I really enjoyed this foam creaming... 
          50 pics
Silver Harness!09/04/2013 
How do you like my new harness? 
        68 pics
Such a latex catsuit is just hot! 
      46 pics
Could she ever become a really good girl-friend? 
      48 pics
1 video 5' 32''
Feeling Good!08/14/2013 
Sometimes I just feel really good! 
        140 pics
Water Games08/07/2013 
Water games in latex 
        201 pics
1 video 2' 33''
New Swimsuit07/31/2013 
Usually I like to swim nude but sometimes I need a swimsuit... 
        71 pics
Castle Garden07/24/2013 
Visiting a castle garden at over 30°C in the schade! 
        93 pics
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