Hello Folks,    
I am Trixie. Actually my real name is Tina, but all my friends call me Trixie, so I’ll be Trixie.
My parents are divorced and I now live with my dad. At least I am mostly alone at home!
Of course I still go to school and I haven’t much spare time because I have to learn a lot!
Shortly I have been involved in a photo shooting for the very first time. And although it was all about some pervy stuff, it was real fun. Actually it was so much fun, that my best friend came up with a brilliant idea! The result is this website!
Some pictures and videos are taken by my girl-friends and we all have great fun at taking them. I also have a real professional photographer and I think the stuff he does is very much better. But sometimes I get nervous when he takes pictures of me! On the other hand he really helped me a lot with this website, because I really have no clue of websites!
And well, girls really turn me on, especially when they wear latex. And I love being dominated by my girl-friends. So and the guys, they have a tough time with me! But mostly they just get what they deserve!
Sometimes I am just pretending – but here the most stuff is for real!
So and if you have any suggestion for my wonderful website, just tell me!
Age:over 18 yo
Height:5 ft 4 in
Weight:95 lbs
Shoe size:5
Clothes size:XS
Eye color:brown green
Hair color:brown, medium long
Languages:German, English
Sports:table tennis, badminton, swimming, riding
Hobbies:parties, dancing, writing poems, playing drums, chess
Favourite music:electro, goa, trance, breakbeat, rock
My passions:latex, masks, heels, nylons, toys